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Vin de France “Syrahvissante”

It is a cuvée of discovery of Rhodanian Syrah, with its fruity and spicy aromas, worked with the same rigour since 1984.

Soil Geology

Granite soil, not very deep.

Grape Variety

100% Syrah, 5 to 8 years old.


The vineyard: Integrated vineyard management, spurting, green harvesting and manual harvesting. Selective sorting of the grapes on the vine, collection in 30 kg boxes.
The winery: Grape sorting on a sorting table, 100% de-stemming, sorting of the berries on a vibrating table, crushing, maceration and fermentation in low volume thermo-regulated vats and malolactic fermentation in barrels.


Barrels of 3 or 4 wines for 6 months and a part in stainless steel vats depending on the vintage. Bottled without filtration in a single bottling.

Organoleptic characteristics

  • Visual aspect: Red colour with purple tints.
  • Olfactory aspect: Purple nose, pepper and leather.
  • Taste: Straightforward attack with a beautiful roundness in the mouth.
  • Serving temperature: 16 to 18°C.
  • Food and wine pairing: Barbecue, traditional cuisine.
  • Vintages: Drink within 3 years.

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