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Vignoble Seyssuel

At the beginning was …
The Grape

We are in the birthplace of the Syrah, a noble and powerful varietal, a strong varietal.

The plantation has a high density and a limited quantity of grape per grape stock, which constrain each plant to give the best of it.

After nature’s desire, the knowledge and the patience of the winemaker are the only factors which ensure an optimal result:
Hand-picking harvesting, grape selection during the gathering and on a sorting table in the wine warehouse, stripping, masking, long fermentation in thermo-regulated vat, 18 months growing in new oak barrels…

The Vineyard

  • 8 ha of slopes, South / South-West exposure
  • Light soil, a rocky land, shallow, made of mica schist
  • Variety: 100 % Syrah
  • High plantation density: 8000 plants / ha

The Cellar

  • Hand-picking harvesting
  • Selection during the gathering and at the wine warehouse on the sorting table
  • Full stripping
  • Long fermentation in thermo-regulated vats

Contact Us

  • S.A.R.L Louis Chèze, Pangon - 07340 LIMONY - FRANCE

  • Phone. : +33 (0)4 75 34 02 88

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